Friday, 29 April 2016


Since being a Mummy, everything has been a learning curve especially since Luke's been at school. I am learning more and more, especially when it comes to his different topics. I was never interested in history and actually can't remember that much about it from my school days. Last year I was fortunate enough to visit Chester and the Deva centre in Chester on Luke's school trip, it was very interesting so I've made a conscious effort to learn more history!

Last Christmas I bought Luke the full box set of books of 'Horrible Histories', it's a popular TV series too that makes History interesting, and from what I've heard shows a lot of gore and hilarious songs.

The Birmingham Stage Company were performing at The Regent Theatre, Stoke had 2 live shows of Horrible Histories, Groovy Greeks and Incredible Invaders, we went to the Groovy Greeks. The cast consisted of 4 performers who played a modern family wanting to learn about Greeks.

There were quick costume changes, singing, dancing, comedy, sound effects and audience participation. The timing was immaculate which showed how well rehearsed it was, there were some funny references to modern TV shows too, our favourite was 'The Gods Have Talent'

The best part for us was the second half where we were given 3D glasses in the interval. Absolutely fantastic scenery and trickery.

We thoroughly enjoyed it and as soon as we got home, we looked for the 'Groovy Greeks' book in the box set and started reading immediately!

I would highly recommend to anyone to take their kids to see this, it's a fab way to learn History!

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