Friday 10 January 2014


I remember going to the cinema to watch 'Ghost' 24 years ago (Yes really!!) I was a sniffling mess by the end of it, so when I heard it was coming to the Regent Theatre in Stoke as a stage show, I was intrigued how it would transfer. I was not in the least disappointed, just like the film it was full of laughter and tears and the music, singing and dancing was all fabulous. The stage illusions were amazing and it was good to see a few of the same quotes and scenes from the film.

As soon as the lights went down in the auditorium I started to feel the emotion and atmosphere.
Stewart Clarke who played Sam Wheat and Rebecca Trehearn who was Molly Jenson, played a very convincing couple in love, Wendy Mae Brown played Oda Mae Brown stole the show, absolutely amazing voice and lit up the stage.

Again, I ended up blubbing into my tissues, it was an energetic and truly breath-taking show, I highly recommend you get your tickets while the show is still in town, you have until the 18th January.