Saturday 19 January 2013

Gingerbread house 2012!

Last year I made a Gingerbread house from scratch, it was pretty stressful especially as I am a disaster when it comes to baking. Mark asked when I would be making it as he would make sure he was out!

The days leading up to Christmas were mega busy but on the 23rd December, I decided to start on this years project. I was surprisingly calm making it, even when one of the pieces nearly cracked when lifting off the oven tray. However, I managed to get it glued together and stable for Christmas Eve when Luke was able to help with decorating it. We were totally impressed with our efforts and it was much more satisfaction than a shop bought one!

I'm now psyching myself up for 2013's version!


Since starting Hullabaloo Kids in 2008, I have added an extra string to my bow each year. This year was no exception. After getting inspiration from an old friend from Jersey I decided to qualify as a Zumba Fitness instructor the first week in January. 
If you have been to a Zumba class you know how fun and exhilirating it is, if you haven't what are you waiting for? Its a dance fitness programme inspired by Latin rhythms, you don't have to be an amazing dancer to join a class, all you need to do is know how to enjoy yourself. 

I am aware there are many Zumba instructors in the area so I decided to come up with something a bit different and offer a Zumba Fitness class with a creche facility for childcare. Alison Bowett from Nantwich Childcare is running the creche which will be in a side room next to where the Zumba class will be held. I instantly thought of Alison as she childminded Luke before he started school and even had him to sleep over one night. 

Alison quotes: 'It can be hard to exercise and have time to yourself when you have young children at home so this is the perfect chance for parents to have fun and get fit while their children play close by in a safe and secure environment'  

We are starting our first class on Tuesday 5th February at 9.30am, it is ideal for anyone with school age children as they can do the school run and come straight to Zumba! The Zumba doesn't need to be pre-booked but the creche must be booked in advance through emailing

We are looking to expand to other areas and more classes so if you know of a suitable hall or would like to join a class please get in touch. You can email me on or call me 07973 479471.