Friday 2 March 2012


Luke had his first school trip last week to Liverpool. I was a bit apprehensive about him going all that way on his own for his first trip so when his teacher asked if I would go along and supervise, I jumped at the chance. I thought I was the only neurotic parent worrying about the distance but it seemed all the parents were feeling the same.

The children have only been in school for 2 terms and know the drill of their routine when they arrive in class, so when they were told to sit with their lunch bags and coats on, many of them were confused. They all then had to put on high visibility tabards to walk to the coach. They all looked very cute walking to the coach hand in hand in twos.

I had never heard of 'Underwater street', it is situated in Water Street, Pier Head. I'm certain I was probably more excited than any of the children. It is an interactive Discovery centre for children with 6 zones, an art area where there was an actual mini cooper which the children could paint, a construction area with mini diggers and a ball pool and foam bricks to build a wall, imagination village which was 4 booths. These consisted of a pet parlour, where there were a number of cuddly dogs, a shop with a working till and money and post office, a pizza parlour, where the children could make a pizza with felt ingredients and a dressing up booth. Physical zone which included a climbing wall and balance beams, sensory area and a lab area.

We arrived at approximately 10.15am and left at 2.15pm, with a short break for lunch we still probably didn't get round all of it. All the children were well behaved and sat so well for both journeys, if I was travelling in the car with Luke for an hour I would always make sure I had plenty of activities to keep him entertained but for 28 children to travel without anything to keep them amused, they did brilliantly. I didn't hear 'Are we there yet?' that many times either really!

I am planning on taking Luke back there so he can show his daddy what he missed out on.

If you are interested in taking your little one check out the website