Thursday 23 June 2011


Simon J. Newbury and myself joined forces back in January for an innovative package to offer Bump Art for pregnant mums. We called it 'Paint & Portrait' and have got quite a collection in our portfolio. I paint the bump and Simon photographs it.

With thanks to Toby Robinson, we have had 3 fabulous press releases in all the local papers, front page news on both the Guardian and Sentinel and a double page spread in the Chronicle. A researcher on Granada TV saw the Chronicle article and approached me with an interest in featuring us on Granada Reports. I couldn't believe it, and was so excited. I think I will keep the ansafone message forever!

After an energetic Tippy Toes Dance class in Sandbach, I headed over to Simon's Studio in Nantwich to meet Paul Crone, the lively presenter of Granada Reports and his cameraman Simon. Kayleigh Dixon was my willing model, I was expecting to have a shaky hand but it was surprisingly very steady.

Along with myself and Simon, Claire Pierce and Lauren Pakeman, who'd had their bumps painted and have since given birth, were also interviewed. There was lots of banter, lots of laughs and Paul made us all feel very relaxed.

The show went out at 6pm tonight, I was nervous, excited and anxious about the whole programme and almost set my house on fire waiting for it to come on. I'd left a pan on the stove and let it boil dry!!! Cripes!!

Mark made it home in time to sit and watch it with me, we both applauded when it finished, and I almost shed a tear.

The phone rang almost immediately with an enquiry and Facebook & Twitter went crazy! Its been a surreal and crazy day and although it wasn't anywhere near 15 minutes of fame I absolutely loved it!

Monday 6 June 2011


Saturday was one of my rare days off and as the weather was so beautiful we decided to head off for a family day out to the beach. We loaded the car up and went over to Southport. It was Luke's first time there and he absolutely loved it, we built sandcastles, ate fish and chips and walked along the prom!
I was a bit disappointed he didn't want to ride a donkey though as I have a photo of my sister and I riding on donkeys on Southport beach when we were young!

What a fab family day!