Tuesday 28 January 2020

020 DANCE FESTIVAL : The Roaring 20's

Last night I was invited to the annual 'O' Dance Festival at the Regent Theatre, Stoke. The theme was the Roaring 20's and dance companies from all over Cheshire, Staffordshire and the Mid-West took to the stage with their themed dances to celebrate the 1920's era. They celebrated Charlie Chaplin, Suffragettes and even Winnie the Pooh as well and dance styles included Jazz, Charleston and Jive.

The audience was buzzing with excited family members and for some would have been their first time on a big stage. It was a fantastic evening seeing all the brave and talented children of all ages, the choreography and costumes were stunning and you there was so much hard work put in by all.

The show is on until Saturday 1st February, its fantastic to see so many local dance schools showcasing their talents.