Sunday 17 February 2013


Kids Birthday parties are my thing, its what I do. I organise them, entertain at them and the biggest satisfaction is making the children happy, Happy Children equals Happy Parents......Fact!

Luke is invited to many parties and you may be surprised to hear that he doesn't enjoy facepainting, singing and dancing or sporty parties, I know what you're thinking, how can he be my child? There is nothing worse (as a parent) than having a shy child who won't join in with party activities especially when you're a party entertainer! So when Luke was invited to a party last year organised by 'Sports Coaching North West' I was dreading the same thing happening again. However, it was a Cube and Angry Birds party which made all the difference, I'm pretty sure most children  know who Angry Birds are and The Cube is a very popular TV show too, Luke is a big fan of both so it was a win/win situation! He thoroughly enjoyed the party and the activities which meant one very happy Mummy!

Since meeting Chris and Ross in June last year I have been badgering them to come on 'Toddler Talk' to talk about what they do. They eventually gave in and came on to tell us, not only about parties but about what they offer in the way of Sports coaching within schools and during school holidays. If you have sporty children you can also enter them into the Triathlons that have been organised by the dynamic duo.
You can go to their website to see everything they offer
or go to their Facebook page

Our theme for the show was 'What is your child's favourite sport?', there was lots of interaction and Chris gave us some advice about how to deal with children who are shy. He also shared his favourite sport when he was a child.