Tuesday 9 November 2010


Its been far too long since my last post but things are just mad at the moment. My work with the Children's centres is going strong and I am grabbing it with both hands especially as 7 of the Children's centres in Stoke are closing down.

I am starting a new class for babies this week at Shavington Children's centre. For those of you who have attended Baby Sign classes know that I include some 'play' into the each session, but this class will be totally dedicated to Multi Sensory Play. Here is more information and the benefits of playing with your baby:-

What is multi sensory play for babies?
Multi sensory play incorporates activities and games that stimulate the senses, whether it be touch or sight or sound!
It can range from brushing a newborn baby’s arm with a soft, soft feather to clapping along with an older baby as he bangs and bangs on a drum!! Babies live in a world full of new experiences which can sometimes be overwhelming (sometimes its overwhelming for adults too!), but Multi Sensory Play incorporates low key and age specific activities that babies will enjoy without being over stimulated.

Why is multi sensory play for babies important?

Babies are learning all the time – even when very young. Multi sensory play helps to stimulate their senses in a gentle way, which in turn helps them to learn. They can experience new things:- new sounds such as singing and whispering, new touches such as scarves, bubbles and fur, and new sights such as shiny balls, multi-coloured fabric and new faces! A lot of multi sensory activities incorporate touch and bonding exercises, which are, of course, invaluable for babies. They make baby feel safe, secure and relaxed, which is just what any mother wants for their child.

How can I play with my baby in a multi sensory way?

The possibilities are endless! Singing is an easy way of stimulating baby, no matter how bad your voice – your little one won’t care! Gentle movement such as rocking, swinging and lifting baby up high will not only be lots of fun for mum and dad but baby will love it too! The first time you hear those giggles will be priceless! Using Parentese is a great way to play with baby – for us regular mummies that means using a Cbeebies voice! Raise your voice up a little higher and use exaggerated facial expressions and extend your vowels – just try it! You may feel silly but the reaction you’ll get from your little one will be worth it!
However just reading to baby is a wonderful activity. It promotes bonding between you and baby, is a lovely low key activity with lots of eye to contact and hugging, and can be a regular and easy way of playing with your baby.

There is a 2 month waiting list as class sizes are much smaller than Baby Sign but if you want to put your name down on the list get in touch with Shavington Children's Centre on 01270 371225.