Saturday 11 December 2021

Sleeping Beauty Crewe Lyceum

I had the pleasure of being invited to see the performance of Sleeping Beauty tonight at our beautiful Crewe Lyceum Theatre.

It was so good to see covid had not dampened the atmosphere at the theatre and it was lovely to see it so busy again.

TV Personality and Comedian Bobby Davro was the extremely funny Muddles, there was so much interaction with the audience and he dealt with a heckler like a pro. The tongue twister sketch was hilarious and slightly risqué.  X Factor star Amelia Lily was Princess Beauty, her opening song got the audience clapping their hands and tapping their feet. 

Malcolm Lord was a fantastic Dame and had a great bond with Bobby.

Carabosse, The Wicked Fairy (Bethany Alice Black) gave a convincing performance as a baddie, her costume was stunning. Isabella Mason played her 1st role in panto as The Good Fairy, her rendition of When you believe was breathtaking and she lit up the stage.

Chris Durtnal was the handsome Prince Harry of Haslington and had great chemistry with Sleeping Beauty.

My only one criticism was the sound, I felt the music was slightly over powering the vocals. but it was definitely good to be back at the theatre again.

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                                  Credit Wes Webster Photography below


Last night we were welcomed back to The Regent Theatre Stoke to watch this year's production of Panto, Cinderella. After the weirdest 20 months it was so good to be back to the excitement of live Panto, the theatre was buzzing and alive again.

I have never laughed so much till I cried and cried till I laughed, we were definitely uplifted with the gags, slapstick humour and one-liners. 

Jonathan Wilkes resident Stokie played the cheeky Buttons and Christian Patterson played Baroness Heifer Hardup, Kai Owen was Prince Charming's sidekick Dandini. The special bond between them was evident especially when they hugged after an emotional speech by Johnny at the end.

Cinderella (Naomi Slights) and Prince Charming (Ryan Jupp) were a beautiful match and the ugly sisters were hilarious (Vivien Parry & Annie Wensak) and the Fairy Godmother (Olympia Curry) all had superb voices.

It was so magical when Cinderella went to the ball on her white horse and carriage at the end of the first half, I always look at Mark and Luke's reactions to see if they're as in awe as me, it was harder to read this year as we were wearing masks but I know they were impressed, I have to admit I had a little tear too. 

It was a great couple hours forgetting about Covid-19, there were so many scenes to give us a proper belly laugh, the innuendos were one after another and I have to admit that my now 14 year old gets all the 'adult' jokes now too. 

 For a magical experience don't miss out on this years Panto at the Regent Theatre. 

Images courtesy of Clara Lou Photography