Wednesday 29 November 2017


When I met my husband back in 1996 the spare room in my house was dedicated to Take That, a real shrine, I had posters on all 4 walls as well as the ceiling. (I can't believe I just admitted that or that he actually married me!)

I am a self obsessed fan and was very excited that their music was being featured in a Musical, written by Olivier Award winning Tim Firth. They are Britain's Most Successful boy band of all time and the show includes Never Forget, Back for Good, A Million Love songs, Relight my fire and Rule the world, plus lots more. The winners of BBC's Let it Shine, Five to Five play the Band. 

The Band is not about the story of Gary, Robbie, Mark, Jason and Howard and how they formed Take That, but about 5 16 year old girls in 1992 who's lives centre around the Band and their music. They are reunited 25 years later and try and fulfil their dream of meeting their heroes. There are many laughs and tears along the way.

It was a thrilling performance with lots of laughs, tears and a great story line, the finale had us out of our seats dancing and singing along to some classic Take That Hits. The scenery, set and staging were sensational along with lots of quick changes too. 

The cast who played the excitable teenagers were talented, great singers and their rendition of Relight my fire was incredible. The 'mature' cast had us in stitches and all very likeable in their own way.

The 5 boys did not disappoint either, they belted out our favourites sounding very true to the originals and also brilliant dancers too.

My only disappointment was none of Take That joined them on stage for the finale as in recent towns, especially as its Robbie's hometown. I think I would have actually passed out!

Anyone who has ever grown up with a boy band will relate to this fantastic Musical. Don't miss your chance to see it in our beautiful Regent Theatre, Stoke. 

Click on the link to get your tickets today at the Regent Theatre you will not be disappointed!