Tuesday 29 November 2011

Redshift Radio on FM - Part 2

It really has been a whole month since I last posted. Ooooops. I'm working virtually 7 days a week and when I do have a day off I have to step away from the laptop.

Luke has settled into school much better since the half term, he did have a wobble one day and cried for half an hour after I'd left but the teacher called me and reassured me he was calming down. It was about half an before I was due to go on air on 'Toddler Talk' so as you can imagine it was quite difficult, as the saying goes 'The show must go on'.

It is fantastic news that Redshift Radio are again on 87.7 FM from 21st November to 18th December, this is my second FM broadcast! I am so so proud to be part of the team and such a professional set up. If you are 10 miles radius of Crewe you should be able to pick us up in your car, otherwise you can still listen on www.redshiftradio.co.uk