Friday 21 March 2014


Are you addicted to Social media? I am totally am and it's definitely taken over my life. At every opportunity I tweet and Facebook, however, my blogging has gone by the wayside! I remember getting my first Smart phone and telling myself not to check emails on the go but that didn't last long!
It does have its uses thought especially when running a business, the way you can promote your business and events for free is a fantastic tool. 

A month ago, I  scrolled down my newsfeed on Facebook and saw a story that caught my eye, it was called '100happydays'. Basically, its where you post a photo that makes you 'Happy' for the next 100 days. I'm on Day 34 now and its a lovely way to be positive and share something that's made you happy, even if you have had a bad day. Apparently, 71% people have failed to complete the challenge. Now I love a challenge and as I'm extremely stubborn I will endeavour to carry it on for 100 days. I haven't always been able to post a photo but I've always shared a status that has made me happy. I've shared a few of my photos below that have made me 'Happy'.

Do you have the time to be happy?

Here's the link to register, good luck!

 #100Happydays Golf Academy with Luke — at Brookfield Golf Club.
 Day 11 #100Happydays So proud of my little man 6th Kup Green Belt

 Day 14 #100Happydays Little dish of heaven
Day 17 #100Happydays Happy Pancake Day! Delicious treat after school trip

Day 15 #100Happydays My Sunday night knitting project