Sunday 18 December 2022




It's always a joy to visit Crewe Lyceum theatre, especially when its Panto season, and so good to see it buzzing with excitement and full again after the pandemic. This year is Aladdin and welcomes the usual characters that we know and love. There were many local references which amused the audience but the general setting was China Town in Crewe. 

Widow Twanky played by regular dame Malcolm Lord was amusing and I was in absolute awe of the many costume changes. Wishy played by Ste Johnson had great camaradarie with Lord and added many a comedy innuendo. He saved a child from nearly falling off the stage during the songtime, his interaction with the audience was fantastic and had to ad lib a few times which was hilarious. Coronation Street's Jamie Kenna played the evil Abanazar, he encouraged the boos and jeers and I was impressed with this singing. The star of the show for me was Louie Spence  who was the Spirit of the ring, he had a great partnership with Kenna and some of the humour was definitely for the adults. It was fantastic to see him tap dancing and spinning onto the stage, not many people could pull off pink tights.

A very smiley Thomas Chan played Aladdin, this was his professional debut, his singing and dance skills were superb. His beau, Princess Jasmine was played by Kiera-Nicole from Milkshake TV.  Amelia Atherton was the Genie of the lamp, her voice was outstanding and very charasmatic on stage. 

Being from a dance background, I love to see children from local dance schools in the Junior Ensemble, they were a talented bunch.

There were a few teething problems with the sound but as its the opening weekend, I'm sure these will be sorted out asap.

There are still seats available before 8th January, if you're looking for a fun family outing click on the link for Crewe Lyceum to book your tickets.

Saturday 10 December 2022


How is it Panto season already? I am in denial we are in December but being at The Regent Theatre Stoke last night got me feeling all festive. There was a real buzz in the theatre and it was good to see all the staff with pirate hats on and all the little Tinkerbells dressed up.

This year, resident Stokie, Jonathan Wilkes played Smee, but was without his usual sidekick Christian Patterson. Kai Owen, a regular with the duo played a mean but nice Captain Hook and has an amazing singing voice. The banter between them was hilarious, the Mermaid scene had us in stitches, comedy timing was perfection and as always a good mix of slapstick and double entendres for both adults and children.

Amanda Coutts played Tinkerbell, she had a sparkly personality with a strong voice and a talented and confident rollerskater too. Rory Sutherland was Peter Pan and Hannah Everest played Wendy Darling, it was opening night so I'm sure their confidence will grow as they do more performances. The Dancers were energetic and acrobatic and all from Jonathan Wilkes Academy, a very talented bunch.

There was a lot of audience participation, we were up dancing from the start but even a reluctant hubby couldn't not join in. Unfortunately Luke, now 15 did not want to join us at the theatre but you're never too old for panto!

The Pantomine Adventures of Peter Pan is on until 31st December, its a great family outing and a must to get you into the Christmas Spirit. There is also a relaxed performance on 30th December. Click the link to book your tickets Regent Theatre 

                                                    Photo credit is Claralou Photography