Friday 20 December 2013


I've always loved the Pantomime, I took part in many as a child and for me it is the start of Christmas. I was delighted to go along as a representative from Redshift Radio on Saturday evening for my 'Family Ramblings' show. 
Peter Pan is a popular fairy tale, having a little boy has meant watching the Disney film and reading the book many times so I was looking forward to seeing it being adapted onto the stage. I can tell you, I wasn't disappointed, it was great family fun and we all had deep belly laughs children as well as adults.

George Knapper, a local lad played the lead role, Peter Pan and was convincing as the boy who never grows up. Seeing him fly was magical and the swordfight scenes were very professional. Luke particularly liked the fight scene as I'm sure most boys will. Adam Woodyatt who plays Ian Beale in Eastenders made a brilliant Captain Hook, not as evil as the usual panto 'baddy' but a loveable rogue. There were lots of references to Eastenders which was comical. The Grumbleweeds Slapstick comedy was hilarious, with some adult content but suitable for the children too. The rest of the cast were equally as stong, Tinkerbell in particular had a beautiful voice and I imagine had children and most males in the audience falling in love with her!

The dancers were very professional and the little 'Lost Boys' were children from local dance schools, all of whom were talented. The obligatory audience participation sing song is always a highlight for me and great for all members of the family. I have never sang that version of '12 days of Christmas' but it was the best song of the night, we sang it in the car on the way home. 
The scenery, costumes and acting were all of a professional quality, I highly recommend anyone to go and watch it.

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