Monday 10 June 2013


The one and only downfall to my job, and trust me I love my job, is that I don't get to spend as much time with my boys as I'd like. Mark is a fantastic daddy and without him Hullabaloo Kids wouldn't be possible. Luke loves his 'Daddy days' when I'm working but loves it even more when we manage to get a whole family day together.
So, on Sunday we planned a family day out, originally we had discussed going to Alton Towers but the forecast wasn't looking too terrific so we decided on a visit to Techniquest Glyndwr, near Wrexham.

Luke had been twice before but it was Mark's first visit. He had heard lots about it so was looking forward to seeing what it had to offer first hand.

We are a family of puzzle solvers so it's ideal for us, there are 3 rooms with different stations where you can get stuck in to work out puzzles and tasks. Our day was made more special by Luke volunteering to help with the experiments at the interactive show. He has never been one for audience participation and always reluctant to join in when other children are bursting at the seams with their hands up. We were so thrilled that he put his hand up to be chosen, he also answered some questions too. Each show we have seen are run very professionally and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly too.

I can highly recommend Techniquest Glyndwr for a family day out, each time I have been there has been a different theme, it's very educational and interactive so if you have small toddlers don't worry they are allowed to touch whatever they like! One word of advice though, take your own food as there are no facilities to buy anything in the centre (only light refreshments) but there are plenty of places to sit down inside and out.

For more details go to the website