Wednesday 17 December 2014


Last weekend was my second visit to Pantoland, this time to see Cinderella at The Grange Theatre, Northwich by Anton Benson Productions.

As a family, one of our favourite tv programmes is watching 'The Chase' so we were very excited to see Anne Hegarty aka Frosty Knickers cast as the Evil Stepmother. She didn't disappoint and remained evil and dead-pan throughout her performance.

Dane Bowers, Pop sensation from Another Level fame and recently 5th Story from ITV's Big Reunion was a charming Prince. He sang one of the this year's popular love ballads showing off his talents. Personally, I was slightly giddy as I'd seen him on tour in October with the Big Reunion Boy Band Tour, I think I had the best seat in the house too!

Ugly Betty and Buttons had us laughing with their banter and their hilarious one-liners. Both are Grange Panto Regulars and a big hit with the audience. The chocolate scene was comedy genius and had us all participating and joining in.

Keeley Fitzgerald stole the show as Fairy Godmother, a very funny actress and a beautiful voice, hilarious to watch and lit up the stage, literally!

The songs were current and it's always a joy to hear children singing along to well known songs. Cinderella (Libby Gore) sang her heart out to Disney's Frozen. 'For the First time and forever' and was accompanied by all the girls in the audience.

A fantastic show with lots of laughs and a surprise visit from Father Christmas, great costumes and scenery and the usual panto sing song. It got a thumbs up from us all!

The Grange Theatre is showing Cinderella until 3rd January. Get your tickets by going to

Thursday 4 December 2014


As a regular visitor to the Regent, I was looking forward to seeing my first Pantomime in this beautiful theatre. Dick Whittington followed the traditional storyline but with a Stokie twist. It was full of one-liners, audience participation, fantastic singing, dancing and colourful costumes and scenery.

The build up to Dick Whittington's entrance was brilliant, and got the crowds hyped up for the very charismatic Jonathan Wilkes' bursting onto the stage. He is a real crowd pleaser and clearly proud of his roots and his links to Stoke, greeting the audience with 'Ay up me ducks'.

Christian Patterson, played one of the best Panto Dames I've seen 'Sarah the Cook'. The banter between Wilkes and Patterson was hilarious, whether scripted or not, it had the audience in stitches.

Alice Fitzwarren (Louise Dearman) danced and sang her way to Dick's heart and perfomed the very popular 'Let it Go' from Disney's Frozen. A real stand out performance and she made it seem effortless.

Alderman Fitzwarren (Simon Nehan) was the stuttering and dithery shopkeeper and brother of Alice, he was sent on a wild goose chase when his props were thrown into the audience and found their way into the gallery. It had us doubled over with laughter to see him running around the auditorium. Nehan doubled up as the Sultan at the end of the show.

King Rat was convincing as the panto baddy and had us 'hissing' and 'booing' but also impressed with his singing of Queen's 'I want it all'.

There were fight scenes, acrobatics and very well choreographed dancing and staging. Costumes were amazing especially, Sarah the Cook's.

There is something for all the family, smutty double entendres based around the Christian name of the lead character and slapstick comedy for the younger audience.

A laughter-filled show with my favourite part being my son, Luke joining Wilkes on stage to sing and dance for the obligatory sing-song.

The show runs until 4th January 2015.

Thursday 29 May 2014


Being self employed has many advantages but the best one has to be working term time and having time off with my son, Luke during the school holidays.

I always try and fill half terms with lots of interesting and educational activities and today we booked for Spaceport in Wallasey with a ferry trip over to Liverpool. As a family we have been learning a lot about Space and visiting the different museums is certainly extending my knowledge, so when I saw Spaceport were running special half term activities, I jumped at the chance to visit. 

The journey from Nantwich is an hour and the parking is free and easy to find. We had a warm welcome from the reception staff and given guidance and assistance wherever needed. There are lots of interactive areas which kids totally love, its the only time they are allowed to touch anything and everything without being told off! 

If your children like Doctor Who you definitely need to visit as the Daleks and other merchandise is available to see. To be honest, I'm not a fan but what I lacked in enthusiasm, Luke made up for it! 

There was also a craft workshop where Luke made a Sonic Screwdriver, also a ride simulator, dome theatre and area to sit down for light refreshments. If you don't have packed lunch there is the Ferry terminal next door to grab a bite to eat. 

As an extra, you can take a ferry across the Mersey to Liverpool. I was born in Birkenhead and spent my pre-school years growing up in this area, I'm pretty sure I had done the trip before but couldn't actually remember. This was the highlight of Luke's day, I really hope he remembers it when he's my age! He loved sitting out on deck and seeing the surroundings. The short 30 minute trip to Liverpool was informative and a relaxed way to get across the River.

We spent an hour at the Museum of Liverpool, climbing the 84 steps up to the top level and seeing artefacts to interest all ages. 

It's not often I get a whole day off to spend with my little man without doing housework, cooking, taking enquiries or answering emails. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and I highly recommend to anyone who is wishing to extend their knowledge on all things Space!

Friday 21 March 2014


Are you addicted to Social media? I am totally am and it's definitely taken over my life. At every opportunity I tweet and Facebook, however, my blogging has gone by the wayside! I remember getting my first Smart phone and telling myself not to check emails on the go but that didn't last long!
It does have its uses thought especially when running a business, the way you can promote your business and events for free is a fantastic tool. 

A month ago, I  scrolled down my newsfeed on Facebook and saw a story that caught my eye, it was called '100happydays'. Basically, its where you post a photo that makes you 'Happy' for the next 100 days. I'm on Day 34 now and its a lovely way to be positive and share something that's made you happy, even if you have had a bad day. Apparently, 71% people have failed to complete the challenge. Now I love a challenge and as I'm extremely stubborn I will endeavour to carry it on for 100 days. I haven't always been able to post a photo but I've always shared a status that has made me happy. I've shared a few of my photos below that have made me 'Happy'.

Do you have the time to be happy?

Here's the link to register, good luck!

 #100Happydays Golf Academy with Luke — at Brookfield Golf Club.
 Day 11 #100Happydays So proud of my little man 6th Kup Green Belt

 Day 14 #100Happydays Little dish of heaven
Day 17 #100Happydays Happy Pancake Day! Delicious treat after school trip

Day 15 #100Happydays My Sunday night knitting project

Friday 10 January 2014


I remember going to the cinema to watch 'Ghost' 24 years ago (Yes really!!) I was a sniffling mess by the end of it, so when I heard it was coming to the Regent Theatre in Stoke as a stage show, I was intrigued how it would transfer. I was not in the least disappointed, just like the film it was full of laughter and tears and the music, singing and dancing was all fabulous. The stage illusions were amazing and it was good to see a few of the same quotes and scenes from the film.

As soon as the lights went down in the auditorium I started to feel the emotion and atmosphere.
Stewart Clarke who played Sam Wheat and Rebecca Trehearn who was Molly Jenson, played a very convincing couple in love, Wendy Mae Brown played Oda Mae Brown stole the show, absolutely amazing voice and lit up the stage.

Again, I ended up blubbing into my tissues, it was an energetic and truly breath-taking show, I highly recommend you get your tickets while the show is still in town, you have until the 18th January.