Monday 8 May 2017


Well I have had some eventful Saturday nights in my time, but last night was a first, I can honestly say I have never spent one watching men in lycra wrestling! Luke (now 10) has always been a fan of Wrestling on the TV and has a box full of figures so to see some high impact wrestling for real was going to be fun. We were intrigued how it would be set up, the ring took up virtually the whole stage which could be seen from all seats in the auditorium.

The atmosphere was electric, it was great to see so many youngsters dressed up in masks, head bands and foam fingers. There was so much excitement whilst waiting for the show to start.

We were encouraged by the MC to shout as loud as we could, stamp our feet and that is just what the audience did. There were lots of boos for the baddies and big loud cheers for the good guys. Our favourite was the local from Stoke, Deano, his match ended up in the aisle amongst the audience, we got to see the action very close up!

We were treated to 4 energetic matches, the camaraderie between the wrestlers and audience was entertaining and panto-like. The last bout was the Battle Royal, where all 8 wrestlers are in the ring at the same time, their aim is to throw their opponents out over the top rope, a little predictable but the good guys always win....don't they?

It was an amusing and enjoyable night with my little man and he revelled in it which was the main thing. For anyone who has young children who are obsessed in Wrestling, this show is an absolute must.