Sunday 16 December 2018


As a parent I love making memories for Luke and his friend's and last night I think I was successful. We went to the wonderful Regent Theatre in Stoke to see Robin Hood with Jonathan Wilkes and Christian Patterson. It is Wilkes' 13th Year and this year he donned 'tight' green tights as he played the cheeky Robin Hood. It is Patterson's 10th performance in Stoke and Luke was surprised to see him dressed as a man this year, Friar Tuck...well at least for the beginning. They have great banter and the delivery of one liners is hilarious and so many well timed innuendos. The 3D show was fantastic but slightly frightening for young children.

Kai Owen was cast as this year's baddie, the Sheriff of Stokingham, his rendition of 'Bat of Hell was superb. The other members of the cast Little John (Pete Bonner), Will Scarlet (Delme Thomas), The Spirit of Sherwood (Rebecca Lisewski) and Maid Marion (Finley Guy) added a perfect balance of song, dance and humour.

The verdict of our favourite part was the '12 days of Christmas', and even hubby joined in with singing 'S-T-O-K-E'.

We will never tire of our family time at the Panto and we are already looking forward to 2019. If you get chance to see Robin Hood, it's on until 6th January, it is definitely worth a visit.

Wednesday 5 December 2018


If I wasn't feeling Christmassy before tonight then I certainly am now after seeing 'Nativity The Musical'. I can honestly say it has got to be one of the best shows I've seen and Luke agreed. We saw the first and second movies together on Christmas Eve a few years ago so it was only right that he came with me to see the theatre show. 

The creator, Debbie Isitt made this feel-good movie into an adapted stage version. It was hilariously funny and entertaining with lots of singing and dancing. 

It's based at St Bernadette's School who are attempting to put on a Christmas show, their teacher Mr Maddens (Scott Garnham) promises that a Hollywood producer (played by Adam Thomas) will come to see the show. The new teaching Assistant, the crazy and very funny Mr Poppy (Simon Lipkin) brings the 'Sparkle and Shine' and puts on a phenomenal show. Luke and I laughed so much during the first half especially at the auditions, some parts were true to the movie and all the children were fantastic.

The scenery and costume changes were quick and impressive and it was like being transported from place to place. So many catchy tunes including some original hits Sparkle and Shine, Nazareth, One Night One Moment and She's the Brightest Star. 

It's a great show and I would highly recommend to see it with the whole family, every child wants a teacher like Mr Poppy!