Wednesday 20 January 2016


The Sound of Music is my all time favourite film, I have watched it over and over again and know all the songs word perfect, My favourite things, Do-Re-Mi, Climb Ev'ry Mountain, Edelweiss and of course The Sound of Music. I was delighted to have been invited to watch it at The Regent Theatre, Stoke with my good friend, Pip who shares the same enthusiasm for the greatest musical of all time. We have lost count how many times we have seen the 'Sing along' and stage versions.

I saw the 'Live' version on television over Christmas, which I admit left me a little disappointed, mainly, due to chopping and changing well known songs and adding extra ones. I hadn't realised a new version had been written, it was probably for the 50th Anniversary in 2015, but to see the magnificent staging and scenery, and even with random unfamiliar songs, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was romance, tears and laughter, just like in the film version.

Lucy O'Byrne takes on the role of Maria, she was the runner up on BBC One's The Voice, there was no hint of her Irish accent and she took to the acting role as well as the singing.

Award winning TV heart-throb, Gray O'Brien plays Captain Von Trapp, very dashing and handsome, especially in his Captain uniform. There was a great spark between Maria and the Captain particularly during the 'dance' section.

The seven Von Trapp children were all equally talented, timing was impeccable and showed great confidence.

The nuns and especially Mother Abbess, played by Jan Hartley gave me goosebumps. Her voice was uplifting and powerful.

The Baroness (Isla Carter) and Max Detweiler (Duncan Smith) sang the extra unfamiliar songs, you can't help but compare to the Film but it was a welcome addition and both had magnificent voices.

The cast deserved their standing ovation and there is nothing like leaving a theatre with an overall feeling of great pleasure and satisfaction.

If like me you are a lover of this film, you can see this new stunning production until Saturday:-