Tippy Toes Toddler Dance

Tippy Toes Toddler Dance classes introduce your child to a healthy and active lifestyle. We have taken what our body does naturally and developed it into a movement and dance class. Actions such as walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping done to music seems a lot more interesting. We use props such as hoops, rattles, ribbons, scarves and bells to add to the excitement. 

In the 30 minute class, we learn to appreciate music and a sense of rhythm and learn basic dance steps such as ballet, tap, salsa, hop hop, disco and even country dancing. Helps with co-ordination and develops imagination. All our senses will be stimulated through music and movement. Tippy Toes Toddler dance classes are suited for both boys and girls from walking to 3 years. 

Parents and carers are encouraged to join in the fun, and as their confidence blossoms you will find you are able to take a back seat and watch with pride. However, we understand that some toddlers are more confident than others so don't get disheartened if your little one doesn't want to join in.

Your child's confidence will be boosted as we introduce eye-to-eye contact, working with partners, in groups and on their own. We give each child lots of encourage and lots of praise too. After every lesson, each child is rewarded with a sticker. 

We warm up, wiggle, twist, bend and stretch, have a story and a song to end, and then wind down and stretch out. 
We promise to have lots of fun, so come along and join a class!

Where can I find a class?
Tuesday - Urban Martial Arts - Above Regents Perk Cafe Regents Park Nantwich

Saturday - Urban Martial Arts - Above Regents Perk Cafe Regents Park Nantwich

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