Friday, 20 August 2010


I've no idea where the last 2 weeks have gone but I have run 2 Gruffalo Workshops, a Pirates & Princess workshops, Facepainted at Wulvern Housing Family Fun Day and attended a Facepainting training with the Wolfe Brothers (who are very famous in the Facepainting World!) As well as the regular Baby Sign classes.

Also, to top it off, I have agreed to sponsor and present my own show on a new internet Radio Station called 'RedShift Radio', my show is entitled 'Toddler Talk' which will cover topics from pregnancy to pre-school, local and celebrity news, professional support and advice and much much more. I gathered if I didn't take the opportunity then somebody else would, its always been something I'm interested in and I have always listened to local and national radio so I thought why not give it a go?!

I'm busy preparing for it now and its less than 3 weeks till we're on air, launch date is Monday 6th September. How very scarey!

If you or anyone you know may be interested in sponsoring, advertising or appearing on a show please pass on my details:- or call 07973 479471 or go to for more details.

Hope you will be joining me over the airwaves very soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi ya Sharon

Boy you have guts girls - you GO!!

Just wondered what the advertising costs would be on your new radio station - it would be great if Mini IQ could get a plug :)

Take care and see ya soon