Thursday, 5 August 2010


With my busy work schedule its good to know I can rely on Grandparents to help out in my hour of need. Over the past month, Luke has been looked after by my Dad and Stepmum, my In-Laws and my Mum. He does go to nursery 2 mornings a week but when I need to work just a half hour session, it doesn't make sense to book him into nursery.
Luke has a close relationship with them all and of course, is spoilt rotten!

As soon as Luke arrives at my Dad's and Stepmum's, he acts like such a diva, ordering his iced water with a straw and his Dairylea Dunkers. He is certainly not backwards in coming forward. Just not sure who he gets that from! The photo above is of my poor Dad who was totally worn out after looking after Luke for 6 hours.

My mum lives in Bolton so has never had the opportunity to help out with childcare until today when she came over to spend the afternoon with us. I came home from my session to find my mum lying on the settee with stickers on her glasses being fed grapes. They had the best couple of hours ever and it was nice to see how they had bonded. I only wish I'd have got my camera out in time.

Luke spends every Wednesday afternoon with Nannie & Grandpa (Mark's parents), they only live 4 miles away so he gets to see a lot more of them. They all love spending the time together and I love to hear all about it when they drop Luke back off to me.

Luke is so lucky to have his Grandparents and 3 Great Grandparents who love him to bits and spoil him rotten!

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