Monday, 14 June 2010


Saturday was going to be a family day and as the forecast was good, we had planned on going swimming together. However, on Friday night, I received a phone call from the lady who trained me in facepainting asking if I could help out at a job in Crewe Hall for BSkyB's staff family fun day. It was too tempting for me to turn down. Mark totally understands and he likes having his Daddy & Luke days.

As it happened, it was a really good experience and I learnt a lot from the other facepainters. We were all different levels but working as a team. I was nervous at first but soon got into the flow as we didn't stop for 5 hours. The whole day was a success. I had never painted a St George's cross before today and as England were playing their first World Cup match, I painted plenty.

It was my first ever corporate event and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was glad to get home to Mark and Luke and hear all about their day though.

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