Wednesday, 16 June 2010


This morning I had a phone call from the manager of the new Children's centre in Mablins Lane, Crewe and Shavington Children's centre, Alan Badder. I wasn't even aware of the centre in Mablins Lane, I am usually first in the queue when I hear of new developments such as this but I hadn't been informed or heard anything of it.

Alan told me he had only been in post for 3 weeks and was keen to get some Baby Sign classes booked in. We met up this afternoon and came to an agreement to run some pilot sessions. I start in Mablins Lane on Thursday 22 July at 2pm and at Shavington on Friday 23 July at 10am for 6 weeks.

Anyone wishing to book a place please contact me and I will pass your details onto the centre.

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