Saturday, 5 May 2018


It's been a few years since I saw Shrek, the award-winning DreamWorks movie so was intrigued how it would be adapted for the Stage into a musical. When the Pint-sized Lord Farquaard demands Shrek to rescue Princess Fiona from the tower, he takes his loyal steed, Donkey on the adventure in turn to get his swamp back.

The only time I have felt such excitement at the theatre is during the Panto season, there was a real buzz and great to see so many children donning the 'Shrek' ears.

A giant Storybook opened the show, it had the audience engaged from start, the set, costumes and characters were colourful. It was fun to try recognising the fairytale charactes including Pinocchio, The three bears and the The three little pigs. Steffan Harri played Shrek, the lovable Ogre, the friendship between him and Donkey (Marcus Ayrton) gave us many laugh out loud moments.

X Factor contestant , Amelia Lily was the remarkable Princess Fiona, not only did she wow us with her singing but also her tap dancing skills too. 

For us as a family, Samuel Holmes as Lord Farquaad stole the show. He played the majority of the role on his knees which had us in stitches. 

The dragon puppetry was breath-taking and voiced by the amazing Lucinda Shaw. I'm glad we 'saw her face' at the end. 

I highly recommend the show for families of all ages, there was slapstick humour, great comedy moments and romance. Even my husband, Mark who is not a fan of Musicals thoroughly enjoyed it. However, it is beyond me why the family in front allowed their 7/8 year old child to play on her mobile phone during the second half though!

Don't miss out on this fantastic performance, its on until 13th May from

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