Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Dirty Dancing is back this week at the Regent Theatre, I was gutted to miss it last time so absolutely thrilled to have been there last night on opening night. I invited along my friend Yasmin, who I know is a big fan of the film, she was mega excited as it was also her first visit to the Regent Theatre, I'm certain it won't be her last either!

Anyone who is a fan of the movie will not be disappointed, the dance routines, songs, dialogue and costumes was true to the film. The revolving stage setting was incredible and you felt like you were being transported round Kellermans the main setting of the story.

It's set in the Summer of 1963 when a 17 year old Frances 'Baby' Houseman (Katie Hartland) is on holiday with her family at the Holiday park, Kellermans. Bored and inquisitive, she manages to find the Staff Quarters where she 'carried a Watermelon' to an all night dance party full of raunchy moves. This is where she encounters her first dance lesson from resort dance instructor, Johnny Castle (Lewis Griffiths). There are challenges and lots of dance tuition along the way but these two determined young spirits find romance.

Griffiths played a charismatic Johnny, he oozed sex appeal and there were many wolf whistles in his topless scene and even more cheers when we caught a glimpse of his bare bottom! Katie was impressive as the lead, 'Baby', there were moments of comedy that she played outstandingly.

Penny played by Carlie Milner was a superb dancer and her high kicks were thrilling. Lizze Ottley played Baby's sister, Lisa Houseman, she treated us to Hula Hana which was hilarious.

The water scene 'lift' in the movie is transformed onto the stage and cleverly convincing. The final scene where we hear the famous line 'nobody puts baby in the corner' was greeted with cheers, it gave me goosebumps and then we watched in absolute awe as they danced to 'The Time of My life'.

You need to get your tickets now if you want to see this breathtaking performance on until the end of the week.

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