Saturday, 19 December 2015


I was lucky to have been invited to another Anton Benson Production. This time it was to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the new venue, Northwich Memorial Court.

The cast consisted of Edwina Currie as the Wicked Queen, Ex Corrie star Bruce Jones as her loyal Henchman and Celebrity Big Brother Runner Up, Austin Armacost as The Prince. There were a few sound technical difficulties in the first half, the microphones were way too loud and gave me a headache, not sure I could have stayed till the end if it hadn't have been sorted out. Fortunately, it was much more bearable in the second half, thank goodness!

Libby Gore was a brilliant Snow White and sang and looked beautiful. Keeley Fitzgerald played the comical, Trixie the Pixie with a very modern twist. I always love a 'Dame' in a panto and Steve Moorewood was fabulous, his pairing with Ryan Greaves as his son was hilarious. The one-liners were great and the 'Magazine' script had me in stitches.

The costumes, scenery and dancers from local dance school, Masquerade were professional and showed such talent.

The seven dwarfs were masked and their timing to the audio was impeccible, well done to the youngsters who played them.

The 12 days of Christmas is a favourite of mine and Luke's (my 8 year old), we always sing along and love all the cameraderie on stage. Lots of props were being thrown off and onto the stage and we the laughed from beginning till the end.

If you haven't booked to see a panto yet check out ticket prices

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