Monday, 11 July 2011

R & R

After a busy weekend, today is my day of rest. Saturday was the annual Nantwich Fun Day, and the busiest I've experienced, I think I must have painted 90 faces! On Sunday I was booked to entertain at a Christening/1st Birthday and painted at least 20 faces as well as balloon modelling and party games.

Today, I will be mostly spending time with my mum, catching up, and we may venture into Nantwich for lunch and some Nibbly Fish treatment.

I always feel guilty when I spend time away from my boys but in less than 2 weeks we will be spending a whole week together on the beautiful Island of Majorca. I will be leaving my phone at home and nothing will tempt me to check Facebook, Twitter or emails for a whole week. Goodness knows how I will cope!

Just a teensy bit excited!

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