Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Luke will be 3 a week today, I really can't believe how quickly it has gone. I have been busy arranging his party which will be held at Nantwich Methodist Church in Hospital Street on Sunday. As most of the children are the same age as Luke, we decided on a painting party. Its a good job the parents will be helping out!

I'm out on Saturday night in Manchester celebrating my friend's Hen night so I think I'd better stick to the soft drinks, I don't fancy entertaining 20 children with a hangover.

Luke is at the age where he understands about birthdays, so I'm hoping he will enjoy his party. I've asked most people not to buy him a present and to donate money to Caudwell Children's Charity, there will be a charity box available for people to donate. He has so many toys, books and clothes that he really doesn't need anything else. I've taught him that he can make other children happy by giving money and some of his toys and he seems to understand this.

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