Friday, 25 May 2018


I'm pretty sure everyone born in the 80's is familiar with The Teletubbies and their infamous sound 'Eh Oh'. It is still a popular TV series so what a treat that fans are able to see them live on stage too.

Teletubbies Live came to the beautiful Crewe Lyceum theatre this week. This colourful and larger than life Live show was captivating for children as young as 12 months old up to pre-schoolers. I took my childminder friend, Katie and 3 of her mindees all 2 and under, they were all entertained and sat beautifully (until the seats started to fold them in half!)😁

There was so much excitement when Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po appeared on the stage, there was lots of waving and cheering from the audience and we all sang along to the well-known theme tune. The set was magical and included Teletubbyland with the addition of the giant rabbits. There was singing, dancing and interaction from the audience including a signed song at the end of the show.

Favourites such as the Sun Baby, Noo-noo and Tubby Phone make an appearance too. The show isn't too loud so any children sensitive to loud noises will be at ease, the running time was 1 hour 20 minutes which is perfect for little ones. Great for a first theatre show for the whole family!

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Saturday, 5 May 2018


It's been a few years since I saw Shrek, the award-winning DreamWorks movie so was intrigued how it would be adapted for the Stage into a musical. When the Pint-sized Lord Farquaard demands Shrek to rescue Princess Fiona from the tower, he takes his loyal steed, Donkey on the adventure in turn to get his swamp back.

The only time I have felt such excitement at the theatre is during the Panto season, there was a real buzz and great to see so many children donning the 'Shrek' ears.

A giant Storybook opened the show, it had the audience engaged from start, the set, costumes and characters were colourful. It was fun to try recognising the fairytale charactes including Pinocchio, The three bears and the The three little pigs. Steffan Harri played Shrek, the lovable Ogre, the friendship between him and Donkey (Marcus Ayrton) gave us many laugh out loud moments.

X Factor contestant , Amelia Lily was the remarkable Princess Fiona, not only did she wow us with her singing but also her tap dancing skills too. 

For us as a family, Samuel Holmes as Lord Farquaad stole the show. He played the majority of the role on his knees which had us in stitches. 

The dragon puppetry was breath-taking and voiced by the amazing Lucinda Shaw. I'm glad we 'saw her face' at the end. 

I highly recommend the show for families of all ages, there was slapstick humour, great comedy moments and romance. Even my husband, Mark who is not a fan of Musicals thoroughly enjoyed it. However, it is beyond me why the family in front allowed their 7/8 year old child to play on her mobile phone during the second half though!

Don't miss out on this fantastic performance, its on until 13th May from

Monday, 12 March 2018


I became a fan of Strictly Come Dancing after about 5 years of it being on TV, I always loved Flavia  Cacace (and her abs!) and Vincent Simone's lively character.

I didn't know what to expect when I went to see Tango Moderno at the Regent Theatre, Stoke, obviously I was expecting superb dancing but didn't know it would include current music and modern themes too, I had to explain what 'Tinder' was to my 70 year old Mother in law! There was all genres of dance including Waltz, Rumba, Quickstep and of course the Argentine Tango, we also saw some fantastic Hip Hop and contemporary too. The storytelling was engaging, and both singers Tom Parsons and Rebecca Lisweski were outstanding, their rendition of Sam Smith's 'May I lay by your Side' was emotional.

The costumes were dazzling and the change of scenery was fast-paced and cleverly done.

Even if you're not a fan of Ballroom dancing, this show covers all aspects of music and dance which pleased every audience member, the standing ovation at the end proved this!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


This was my second time seeing the show and it did not disappoint. It's a spectacular live music event celebrating the career of the world's greatest entertainer. It takes you on a visual and electrifying journey of Michael's 40 year musical history.

It was 2 hours of non-stop hits including I want you back, ABC, Can you feel it, Smooth Criminal, Beat it, Billie Jean, Dirty Diana. Thriller and lots more.

The Lead singers Britt Quentin, Rory Taylor, Shaquille Hemmans and Adraina Louise were effortless and all sounded like the real deal. The production was entertaining and colourful. However, Sean Christopher had us mesmerised with his dance moves and his exact representation of the King of Pop.

The Thriller Live band were phenomenal and led by Andy Jeffcoat, Musical Director. The guitar break in Dirty Diana was definitely impressive too.

The whole audience were up and out of their seats at the end, it was such a good feeling being uplifted by the music of this incredible icon. If you are a fan of Michael Jackson's music, then Thriller Live is a must!


In 2007 my life changed forever, not only did I become a mummy to Luke, but I also became a Mumpreneur. I bought a franchise for Baby Sign called Hullabaloo Kids and did my first class in 2008. Unfortunately the franchise wasn't legit and after 10 months or so the other franchisees and my self decided to break away and go it alone.

It was the best thing I ever did and although I didn't have the support of the other Franchisees we managed to stick together through social media. Year on year I added extra strings to my bow, Tippy Toes Toddler Dance, Party Entertainment, Facepainting and then Zumba for adults and Kids.

This year is my 10th year of trading so on the 14th January I decided to hold a party celebrate my achievement and invite families from past and present to come along so I could say Thank you. It was so lovely to see all the children who had attended my classes, I did my best to remember most of their names, I don't think I forgot anyone! We had a bouncy castle and a magician who kept the children entertained. So many people had donated prizes for a tombola and raffle and we managed to raise £157.00 for the SMA Trust.

Monies raised will go towards funding vital research into a cure for and treatments for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It's a genetic neuromuscular condition which causes severe muscle weakness affecting crawling, walking, arm, hand and neck movement and breathing and swallowing. It is a cause close to my heart as my cousin's daughter, Jade has this condition. I am pleased we were able to raise awareness and raise some much needed funds.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended and for always supporting my little business. I did mention my husband, Mark who has allowed me to do this and support me in my crazy new ventures.
I absolutely love what I do and I really do have the best job in the world. Here's to the next 10 years!!

Saturday, 16 December 2017


I remember last year saying the panto at the Regent Theatre, Stoke was the best one yet..... I was wrong... I think this year's is definitely the best one I've seen.

It was funny, entertaining and the 3D element was just magical. Jonathan Wilkes (Aladdin) and Christian Patterson (Widow Twanky) co-directors and hilarious comedy duo had both children and adults laughing. So many innuendos that Luke ended up laughing at just because we were!

The dancers were energetic and acrobatic such a delight to watch. The scenery was glittery and colourful and the 3D genie was totally out of this world. Scherezade was played by the stunning and very lovable Amanda Coutts, those abs were to die for! Yazmin Wood played Princess Jasmine had a beautiful voice and had great chemistry with Aladdin. Abanazer (Kai's Owen) was this year's baddie, we particularly liked it when they went off script and got the giggles. Emperor Ming played by Simon Nehan was also hilarious.

There was no '12 days of Christmas' this year but still lots of slapstick humour.

We thoroughly enjoyed it and as always gets us in the mood for Christmas. Well done to all the cast and crew for this spectacular performance. And lovely to hear that Beryl Smith is still going strong!

If you haven't booked tickets already go to

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


When I met my husband back in 1996 the spare room in my house was dedicated to Take That, a real shrine, I had posters on all 4 walls as well as the ceiling. (I can't believe I just admitted that or that he actually married me!)

I am a self obsessed fan and was very excited that their music was being featured in a Musical, written by Olivier Award winning Tim Firth. They are Britain's Most Successful boy band of all time and the show includes Never Forget, Back for Good, A Million Love songs, Relight my fire and Rule the world, plus lots more. The winners of BBC's Let it Shine, Five to Five play the Band. 

The Band is not about the story of Gary, Robbie, Mark, Jason and Howard and how they formed Take That, but about 5 16 year old girls in 1992 who's lives centre around the Band and their music. They are reunited 25 years later and try and fulfil their dream of meeting their heroes. There are many laughs and tears along the way.

It was a thrilling performance with lots of laughs, tears and a great story line, the finale had us out of our seats dancing and singing along to some classic Take That Hits. The scenery, set and staging were sensational along with lots of quick changes too. 

The cast who played the excitable teenagers were talented, great singers and their rendition of Relight my fire was incredible. The 'mature' cast had us in stitches and all very likeable in their own way.

The 5 boys did not disappoint either, they belted out our favourites sounding very true to the originals and also brilliant dancers too.

My only disappointment was none of Take That joined them on stage for the finale as in recent towns, especially as its Robbie's hometown. I think I would have actually passed out!

Anyone who has ever grown up with a boy band will relate to this fantastic Musical. Don't miss your chance to see it in our beautiful Regent Theatre, Stoke. 

Click on the link to get your tickets today at the Regent Theatre you will not be disappointed!