Saturday, 10 April 2010


On Thursday, I met a friend for a play and then took Luke for a swim. So dinner was going to be an 'easy' option......Corned beef hash, which now looking back wasn't so easy!

I peeled the potatoes, put them on the boil and opened the tin of corned beef. I was getting the contents out and accidently sliced my thumb. It was a good job Luke wasn't in the kitchen as a few choice words did come out of my mouth!

I resisted going to A&E as I didn't actually think it was too bad, I was looking forward to my weekly Boxercise class and would have gone if I could've got my boxing glove over the plaster. It was only the following day, when I got a second opinion that I decided to take myself off to Leighton. I was given 3 butterfly stitches which wasn't too bad and bandaged up nicely.

No washing up for a week for me!

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