Monday, 26 April 2010


After a month arranging it, Luke's party day had arrived. We had a very excited little boy who was open to bribery at every opportunity! Although Luke is nearly 3, he still needs an hours nap or he gets very narky, so Mark was sent out for a long walk to get him off to sleep, while I finished all the last minute preparations.

We hired Nantwich Methodist Church in Hospital Street, which has been recently refurbished so I was a bit dubious about holding a painting party, in case of a major disaster. Each child was given their own money box to paint, piggy banks for the girls and dinosaurs for the boys. The set included 6 paints and a paintbrush and real value for money. All the children were so well behaved throughout the whole party, all sat down to play pass the parcel and most danced with me. I was quite grateful for that, at least I wasn't doing 'Agadoo' on my own!

Luke really enjoyed the day and was thrilled with his Fire engine birthday cake, made by his Nannie. We are so lucky to have so many lovely friends and he really does appreciate that. I get booked to do the entertainment for lots of parties, but I felt a bit of pressure for my own son's party, but I'm happy it all went so well.

Not sure how I will top it for the next one, best start planning for it now!

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