Saturday, 3 April 2010


Apart from it being a religious festival, Easter when I was growing up was all about receiving Easter eggs and it was the only time of the year my brother, sister and I were allowed to eat chocolate in the morning. Many children nowadays are being treated to Easter gifts like it is another Christmas receiving gifts as large as a Nintendo DS!

When Luke was weaning, I only ever allowed him to him naturally sweetened foods but he was introduced to chocolate by his Grandparents (my Dad!!) He instantly took an interest in it so we are careful not to have it in the house as much nowadays. This year I gave up chocolate and crisps for Lent so I have my own stash hidden away, I will be sneakily tucking in when Luke isn't in close proximity. We will probably be making rice crispie and cornflake cakes out of his Easter eggs which is still chocolate but mixed with cereal just doesn't seem as bad.
Happy Easter everyone and hope you have a good break.

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