Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray!

This weeks topic for the Baby Sign class in Nantwich was 'Family'. Each week we focus on 10 signs to practice at home. It was lovely to have such a good turn out and I'm so proud when the older babies sign along to certain songs. It is held at Market Street Church Hall in Nantwich at 11am. The cost is £3 and includes a play and a cuppa.

The nice weather certainly gets people out and that was apparent when I went to feed the ducks with Luke after I'd picked him up from nursery. I regret ever getting him excited about seeing the ice cream van because now when he sees one he wants one! I didn't succumb today and bribed him with the play area on Brookfield. Bribery works so well with toddlers!

Tomorrow is my first day with a new nursery, Rope Green Day Nursery in Shavington. This is a lovely new nursery built on farm land run by Vicky Dodd. They have booked me to do Baby Sign sessions every other Wednesday so will keep me busy for the next few months.

If you wish to know more about Baby Sign and how it helps with development of speech, please visit my website www.hullabalookids.co.uk and read the testimonials for yourself.

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