Thursday, 18 March 2010

Best of both worlds

This morning was a very lively Tippy Toes Toddler Dance class at the Wesley Centre in Sandbach. I introduced a new dance today which was 'Bob the Builder's, Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box' I don't know who was having more fun, me or the toddlers. Each session covers a number of different dances and the children learn to appreciate music & rhythm. We use props such as scarves, hoops, ribbons, toys and books. Its such a fun class and I love teaching it.

I collected Luke from his Nannie's house to learn that he had cried for me for nearly an hour when I'd dropped him off. He is a real mummy's boy and in his nearly 3 years has coped well having to share me with other babies but now he is starting to rebel! I now dedicate my time to him for 'Luke and Mummy Time' and this afternoon was just what we did at Haslington Playbarn. We played with cousin, Baby Alicia (as Luke calls her, but she has just turned 1) and lots of other playmates from past and current classes. We had a lovely time catching up and eating cake!

Haslington Playbarn is next to the Cricket Club in Clay Lane. It is a small indoor play area with ball pool and slides. It is free entry for adults and children under 18 months. They do not restrict your time there and we played for a good 2 hours. Luke was shattered by the time we got home and so was I!


colleyflower said...

It was so lovely to see Hannah enjoying the Tippy Toes class yesterday, she really got a lot out of it. And as a bonus I got a good 2 hours to myself when she went for a big nap, you quite wore her out!

Sharon said...

Thanks Jacqui. She really was shaking her booty yesterday. Bless her.