Monday, 29 March 2010

Nantwich Children's Centre

Today was meant to be the last 'Tippy Toes' class at Nantwich Children's centre but between us we have failed to find a suitable venue with buggy park and spacious enough.
I was delighted when Jo Stainsby said we could carry on until the end of April.

Luke is my little helper at this class and handed out the rattles to the children and parents, held the bubble machine while the children popped them and gave out stickers at the end. In return he got a little treat in the way of a 'Cbeebies magazine'. I'm forever looking at new ways to entertain the children especially in the dance class and the magazine had the perfect thing. 2 inflatable dice, one is a numbered dice, the other has actions ie/jump, wiggle, dance, hop etc. We had a lot of fun trying it out in when we got home and I will be making my own to use in class.

I have made lots of my own props, my favourite creation is the life size 'Jack in the Box' the children just love popping out of it. I also adapted some little mice to use in 'Hickory Dickory Dock' dance. The mice were originally cat toys.

My mind is always working ten to the dozen but welcome any ideas that anyone could send my way.

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