Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Design & Artwork by Nicola Francomb

Had a brainstorming session in Costa Coffee with Nicki Francomb from 'Nicola Francomb Design and Artwork'. Now I'm into my 3rd year of trading, I've decided I need a new corporate identity which covers all my 3 businesses into one. Its exciting stuff and I'll be posting on here when it has been finalised.
I first met Nicki when she attended the Baby Sign classes at Nantwich Children's centre withe her daughter, Isabella. Bella was one of the first babies to sign 'milk' at that class.

In my previous life as a Travel Agent and Business Development Manager, I found Business networking to be a very useful in making business contacts and generating business. This was one of the reasons I organised the 'Bumps, Babes & Beyond Show' as it gave me the opportunity to meet other like minded people who were pro-active in developing their businesses. In my blog, I will be introducing other 'Nantwich Mumpreneurs' to help promote their businesses too.

Nicki says :- I have worked within the advertising industry for over 14 years working with some highly creative people. I'm a designer and artworker (that's the more technical side for those not in the know) and am working on becoming a web designer too.
I've set up my own business 'Nicola Francomb Design and Artwork', after having my daughter, offering my skills to everyone from other new mums starting out on their own up to established companies.
My particular skills lie within brand identity, brochure and ad layouts, point of sale and proof reading.
Please contact 07887 986228 for further details or if you would like to discuss any requirements with me.

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