Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I've no idea why I bothered to paint my nails last night especially when I know I am going to get covered in Facepaint. It comes off skin no problem just not off nails and clothes very well.

Half of my day was spent at Stapeley Water Gardens at The Palms. I am now listed as one of their preferred suppliers and they have me in to do facepainting for all their school holiday family events. Its a great opportunity for promoting my parties and I have had a couple of bookings from being there.
There was many a Grandparent spoiling the Grandchildren, A childminder from Wales with 3 children and a Dad with 4 children! Bet they just love the school holidays. The most popular request today was a dalmation dog, its normally pink butterflies!

Tomorrow, Mark & I are having an afternoon with Luke after his morning visit to nursery. We had to quickly paint a boiled egg at 5pm for the Easter Competition. He insisted on a red pig, so we will see if he we manage to win a prize this year. We have decided on a trip to the Candle Factory in Burwardsley and then afterwards a trip to the Ice Cream Farm at Tattenhall.

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