Wednesday, 7 September 2011


This time last year I was applying for school places for Luke, and ever since then we have been telling him that he will be going to big school soon, not sure if I was preparing him for school or myself! Well, that day was today. Sob sob!

Most of his friends started yesterday but today was Luke's first day. I felt nervous and had butterflies all morning, I was careful not to be too over enthusiastic and careful not to show him I was petrified for him too! My bottom lip was quivering on the short walk to the Weaver school which was made worse when I bumped into a friend who asked 'How are you feeling?'.

Luke's friend, Lewis was already at in the classroom, so I told him to look for Lewis and in he trotted, he turned round, waved and shouted 'See you later!' without a backward glance. Luckily, Lewis's mummy, Heather was with me so we walked away from the school and didn't shed a tear at all!

When I picked him up he was full of it but when I asked what he had been doing he told me 'I can't tell you, its a secret'.

I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that the rest of his taster days will be as smooth. I think the real tears will come on 19th September when he goes full time 9am till 3pm, and I don't mean from Luke!

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