Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Since Luke moved up to Pre-school he is the happiest he's ever been at nursery. He runs in without a blink of an eye and has settled in so well. He started at Nyehome, Nantwich at 9 months and cried virtually every week he was there, until now. He is much happier which makes it easier for me too.

This morning, Luke announced he wanted to go on a bus in the afternoon after nursery. This was due to seeing our friends, Anne-Marie & daughter Jaime jump on the bus yesterday. I decided against Crewe Town centre so went the opposite direction taking the C84 to Tarporley, where I spent my teenage years and attended Tarporley High School. The excitement of being on the bus wore Luke out and as soon as we got off, he fell asleep! This gave me the opportunity to walk round a few shops in the High Street, many of them don't have pushchair access and sit and have a quiet coffee.

When we came home, we started on the dinner, homemade lasagne. Luke has always had an interest in cookery and one of his favourite programmes was 'Big Cook, Little Cook'. He insists on helping so today for the first time, I gave him a plastic knife and the mushrooms to slice (which he did perfectly) then he helped to lay the lasagne sheets and grated and sprinkled the cheese on top. I then sliced the french stick and let him mix the garlic, parsley and butter himself and spread on the bread. He was so very proud of himself helping to cook dinner and couldn't wait to tell Daddy all about it.

I am so grateful for the time I get to spend with Luke but also that when I am working he is being well looked after. He gets the best of both worlds and so do I.

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Antonia said...

that sounds like a great day. I love getting the balance between some child-free work time and some good time doing stuff that we all enjoy.