Wednesday, 3 April 2013


(Me with my famous guest, he is actually a lot taller but had to crouch down for me)

I'm not one to drop names or anything....honest, but I had a very special guest last week...... it was only blimmin' Steve Leonard, Celebrity Vet off of the telly! (Google if you don't know him)

Ever since I heard his brother, Tom on Redshift Radio last year, I have been thinking of ways to get either Tom or Steve onto my show, so when I found out it was National Puppy Week, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get in touch with the practice in Wistaston and invite them onto the show. I was absolutely beside myself when they told me Steve was coming along.

He gave some fantastic advice about puppy selection for families, puppy training and advice and also his practice 'Leonard Brothers Veterinary Centre'.

If you know me, you know how enthusiastic I am about babies and children, but I am also dog mad too. I love my dog like a member of the family and can give good advice about raising a child with a dog.

It was difficult to cram all the questions into my one hour show but we managed it and Steve was a fabulous guest, very down to earth and I would have loved to have spoken to him for longer and about his tv work. There's always National Puppy Week 2014!

If you would like to listen to the interview, please click on the link:-

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